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"Multiple Streams of New Patients"

  Your complete solution for  non-stop New Patients without Facebook ads, digital marketing or screenings

  Solve the mystery of why your patients don't refer by mastering Internal Referrals to create a patient driven practice

  Establish credibility, foster your wellness brand, and emerge as the Health News Influencer in your community

Embark on a journey to master the art of attracting new patients without costly Facebook ads and zero ad spend. We'll guide you through a comprehensive training program that focuses on cultivating the essential 'Like, Know, and Trust' factor—the cornerstone of patient acquisition in today's landscape.

Discover proven strategies to continuously attract your ideal patients for free, adding 5-15 (or more) new patients to your practice each week. With our program, you'll unlock the secrets to becoming the go-to chiropractor in your community, earning trust and loyalty without the need for paid advertising.

Through a combination of videos, written materials, and live coaching sessions, we'll walk you through five game-changing steps: Internal Referral Mastery, Referrals From Other Providers, Building Your Wellness Brand, Building a Wellness Tribe, and Accountability Coaching.

Learn to optimize your internal referral engine, harness the power of referrals from health and wellness practitioners like pediatricians and obstetricians, and cultivate a thriving practice that stands out in today's competitive market.

Join us and revolutionize your approach to patient acquisition—because your community needs you now more than ever!

Let's face it, chronic illness is through the roof, kids and parents are sicker than ever. Your community needs you now more than any other time in history. So why isn't there an endless stream of new patients waiting outside your door? 

We know you want to help, but with an overwhelmed public, a shaky economy, and fading trust in providers, it's a challenging landscape. Digital ads might promise wonders, but they're pricey and often fall flat. So, how do you really make an impact?

It's easy to feel frustrated and want to throw in the towel. But hold on! Our program is here to lead you—no uncomfortable sales pitches, no awkwardness, and no paid advertising needed.

We'll show you how to become the go-to doc, earning trust and attracting new patients—all for FREE.

We've already walked this path, succeeded and lead thousands to do the same. And guess what? You can too! We designed this program to generate a continuous flow of your favorite new patients walking through your doors. We're excited to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success, because results are what matter. 

We've taken the best of our flagship signature systems and 30 years of experience and put together this comprehensive, once in a lifetime bundle package tailored just for you.

Now, you're probably thinking, "How do I make this happen?"
It all starts right in your office, with these 5 game-changing steps:

  • Step 1: Internal Referral Mastery
  • Step 2: Referrals From Other Providers
  • ​Step 3: Building Your Wellness Brand 
  • Step 4: Building a Wellness Tribe
  • Step 5: Accountability and Coaching 

Optimize Your Internal Referral Engine! 

If 80% or your patients are not referring, this transformative resource is your practice's growth catalyst. Many clinics overspend on ads for lackluster results, ignoring the best FREE patient source. Master Internal Referrals through our all-encompassing 8-Module online training with supplementary resources and support. Dive into our 5-minute video for insights...

Receiving Referrals from Health & Wellness Practitioners,
Including Pediatricians & Obstetricians:

Unlock the potential of our 30-year proven system to foster connections and secure referrals from pediatricians, obstetricians, and other providers. This untapped market is the final frontier in your community, and you have the chance to reap its rewards. In as little as 30 minutes per week, your CA can facilitate the welcoming of 5-10 fresh new patients through referrals—completely free from reliance on paid ads. Dive into more insights through our 2-minute video...

Plus: Accountability through Interactive 
Coaching & Training: 

In order to do any of these things with high level of success you need to be surrounded by people who are doing them. Discover how LIVE coaching enhances your skill set, builds confidence, and launches your practice from the inside-out. Join us for dynamic live sessions encompassing guidance, education, resources, and interactive Q&A "Office Hours" to deepen your knowledge—1 hour of immersive training & 1 hour of open discussion each month, for the next six months. Explore our quick 1-minute video to learn more...

Cultivate the Essential 'Like, Know, and Trust' Factor: 

 Interestingly, this crucial trust element is absent in digital marketing. Surprisingly, the most accomplished chiropractors nationwide don't solely rely on digital marketing and advertising to attract new patients. Let's harness time-tested approaches and devise a strategy to skyrocket your practice in the upcoming year.

Learn to foster that essential 'Like, Know, and Trust' factor 

Ironically thats exactly what's missing from digital marketing. Do you know that the most successful chiropractors in the Untied States do not solely use Facebook ads to drive in their new patients. Let's get back to basics and build a strategy to exponentially grow your practice in the coming year. 

Drs. Warner are generating explosive growth for Chiropractic offices

"I learned how to increase my credibility, authority, and expert status when speaking with my patients and other healthcare providers. With these techniques I've been able to add new patients to my practice every month!"

- Dr Lynn M

"I never realized that this was all possible, and it's fun!
Thanks, for doing the hard work for me, i
t's - Just Add Water."

 - Dr Kim M.  

"Just watched module 3. Brilliant! I've never asked those 3 questions that way. I've never thought the reason referrals are few is because of the rejection they get and don't now how to respond."

- Dr John S.

"Thanks for 'giving me the goods' on creating a constant influx of New Patients into my practice. I've doubled my numbers in only a few months and am seeing massive practice growth, and it's been so easy! My advice, run, don't walk to join and start expanding your practice NOW!"

- Dr Sam F

About Multiple Streams of New Patients

Join today, and let's uncover these FREE strategies that will consistently bring multiple streams of new patients right to your doorstep! Your office will Thrive! (without paying for digital or Facebook marketing). Embrace proven methods that capture your 'Like, Know & Trust' and exponentially and organically produce a steady flow of new patients.

Grow Your Practice Now!

Start Building a Referral Practice from the Inside-Out

(without using FB ads, digital marketing or screenings)

Integrate & Elevate with this Complete New Patient Training & Accountability Program 
Including 2 Synergetic Systems, Training & Coaching

What You Get:

Multiple Streams of New Patients Includes...

1. Internal Referral Mastery Training Academy 

2. Pediatrician & Obstetrician 'Dream Team' Referral System

3. Private support & accountability 

Total program value: 

VIP (Single Payment Option) Extra Bonuses:

VIP Bonus #1 One month of 1:1 coaching with Drs. Warner focusing on  New Patient Mastery 

VIP Bonus #2 Direct Text Support with Drs. Warner for Q&A 

VIP Bonus #3 Free Admission for you and your team to our next Chiro Pediatric conference for additional training

VIP Bonus #4 Video Access to previous conferences

VIP Bonus #5 Masterclass in Pediatric New Patient Visits 1, 2, & 3 

VIP Bonus #6 Masterclass in Charging for Kids - Why its more important to charge more for kids than adults

$2,995. value

$2,995. value


$5,990. value


1. Internal Referral Mastery Training Academy 

$2,995. value

2. Pediatrician & Obstetrician 'Dream Team' Referral System

$2,995. value

3. Be the Health Media in Your Community

$995. value

4. Wellness Moms America Community Chapter

$500. value

5. Six Months of Live Virtual Coaching, Training, & Accountability

$995/month value

Total program value: 

$13,500. value

VIP (Single Payment Option) Extra Bonuses:

VIP Bonus #1 One month of 1:1 coaching with Drs. Warner focusing on  New Patient Mastery 

VIP Bonus #2 Direct Text Support with Drs. Warner for Q&A 

VIP Bonus #3 Free Admission for you and your team to our next Chiro Pediatric conference for additional training

VIP Bonus #4 Video Access to the entire Nashville conference from April 2023

VIP Bonus #5 Masterclass in Pediatric Visits 1, 2, & 3 

VIP Bonus #6 Masterclass in Charging for Kids - Why it's more important to charge more for kids than adults



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Your Entire Investment can be recouped with Your 1st NP

Or get started for as little as: $395./month

VIP Option:

One Time Single Payment

Best Savings, PLUS Bonuses!


Monthly Option:

6 monthly payments of $395.

Everyone Can Join Pricing!


Is this program is the right fit for you? Deciding about the VIP?

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Meet the Architects

Drs. Teri & Stu Warner

Founders & coaches

Drs. Teri & Stu are famous for their legendary pediatric/family practice in NJ. For over 30 years they have been growing their practice through internal & external referrals, with a PVA of well over 100. 
They have been training & coaching chiropractors for 25 years & have been featured at over 700 seminars & conferences, including Cal-Jam, Parker Seminars, the National, Focus OKC, Dynamic Essentials, the ICA, Mile High, the ICPA, New Beginnings, the Wave, Genesis Ped/Con, plus countless state associations & colleges, just to name a few.  

The Drs. Warner make regular media appearances on national TV, bringing chiropractic to the masses. They are sought after for their expertise on launching chiropractors to the forefront of their towns through marketing, promotions, and special events. 

Now they have created a state of the art live and on-line training and coaching program on how to massively grow your practice to a steady stream of unlimited new patients

Learn more about Drs Teri & Stu during this 10 minute candid video...

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